As former DCAA auditors, we understand the difficulties contractors often face when dealing with Government rules and regulations such as FAR, DFAR, and CAS. Often times, contractors are given minimal guidance and lack the resources needed for success. DCAASpecialist is a Consultation service provider, specializing in the areas of Federal Acquisition Regulations, Cost Accounting principles and other DCAA-related matters.

We provide a unique look at the situation that takes into account our knowledge of how the problem has been approached by others, what’s worked or hasn’t worked in similar situations, and what critical things may not have been considered yet. We look at things from all angles and play out the possible solutions from the top-down and the bottom-up. Please see our Services.

Whether you’re a small company trying to become DCAA compliant, a medium-sized company needing assistance with your indirect rate structure, or a large company looking to improve policies & procedures or internal controls, we can help. A smooth incurred cost submission process or a competitive edge in bids and proposals are just a few potential benefits from using our services.