Compliance & Cost Accounting Consulting (FAR, CAS, DCAA)

• FAR, DFAR, CAS compliance, Analysis materials, labor, indirect costs, direct costs, ODCs
• Accounting System evaluation (Pre-award audit readiness)
• Pricing strategies, Pricing risk analysis, Basis of Estimates(BOEs), Cost estimating methodologies
• Implementation and execution of Internal controls/Policies & Procedures, TINA, Cost/Price analysis, Variance analysis
• Compilation of cost proposals (e.g. Incurred Cost submissions(ICE), FPRA, Contract proposals, Provisional billing rates, rates monitoring), Bid & Proposal support
• Indirect rate model, cost model/structure (Pool vs. Base)
• DCAA compliance (cross-functions/divisions, processes, Quickbooks, accounting software customization), pre-award, post-award audits
• Mock audits; audit liaison, risk-analysis, transaction-testing
• Billing: WAWF, Contract modifications, interim/final voucher billings
• DCAA audit preparation, contract-closeouts, employee trainings, liaison representative, negotiations support
• Quickbooks setup (e.g. charts of accounts, cost-tracking)
• Q&A support
• DCAA attestations: billing reviews, terminations, vouchers, timekeeping, purchasing reviews, CAS, financial capability
• General Support & Misc. Q&As, Contract pricing, Cross-referencing, Documentation requirements, Audit walk-throughs. Quick-books compliance. Audit liaison/representative.

Client Accounting/Bookkeeping

• Small Business Bookkeeping
• Periodic Compiled Financial Statements (Monthly/Quarterly)
• Payroll Processing (Paper and Electronic)
• Payroll Tax Preparation (Federal, State and Local)
• Sales, Use and Lodging Tax Return Preparation
• Software Training and Support for Small Business Accounting Applications
• Accounts Payable Processing
• Accounts Receivable Processing
• Temporary and Long Term Off-Site Accounting Service
• Client Personnel Training in All Accounting Functions